How Skype Drum Lessons Work

  • With a Skype lesson, there's no travel or parking. It's as easy as sitting down at your drums and opening your laptop. And, you play your own kit in your own home. 
  • You need internet, and laptop or tablet. Plus, a way to play music and a metronome while you're drumming - like your phone hooked up to a speaker.
  • Click here to see a diagram of the setup for acoustic drums, and here for the setup of an electronic kit. It's not complicated, and I will help you with it! 
  • Other things that are helpful to have: a practice pad, and plastic brushes for acoustic drums (for volume control during the Skype lesson). Let me know if you need Amazon links for these.
  • Your first half-hour session is free: we'll test the Skype connection and volume levels, talk about your goals for learning drums, and start in on the lesson.
  • After your initial free session, my prices are $50 for an hour, $25 for half-hour.
  • Most students do an hour a week, but you can do however much you like. 

What To Expect

If you're a beginner, we'll start with simple 8th-note beats, the foundation of drumset playing, while teaching you basics like proper stick grip, posture, bass-drum pedal technique, counting, and keeping time. As you progress, we'll work on fundamentals like speed and control, dynamics, simple rudiments and limb independence, developing your ear and musicality, how to read drum notation, and how to transcribe beats and fills.

At the same time that you're learning traditional drumming basics, you choose fun songs to work on. This gives you the emotional payoff that keeps you engaged and inspired, and creates the motivation and commitment to keep playing.

I will give you lesson handouts, homework assignments to do at your own pace, interactive drum transcriptions, and play-along songs specifically designed to employ whatever techniques you're working on at the time. After every lesson, I will email you a detailed recap that includes your homework for the week. You learn and progress according to your particular interest area and commitment level. 

You decide how often you want to have lessons. Most students do an hour a week, but it is up to you. If you're worried about the time commitment required fr learning drums, remember that when learning a new physical skill, practicing for even just a short time every day (10-20 minutes) can be very effective.

I can also give you advice on purchasing drums: I've helped many students find a great deal on craigslist for a used drumset, or buy a new drum kit from a music store.  I'll teach you how to set it up and tune it, and how to make it quieter by using mutes and playing with plastic brushes (Blasticks).

Setup For Skype Drum Lessons

Acoustic drum kit

Acoustic drum kit

Electronic kit

Electronic kit


Scientific research shows a multitude of benefits from drumming: it releases endorphins, improves mood and cognitive function, boosts the immune system, increases pain tolerance, relieves stress, facilitates cooperation in groups, AND burns calories (of course!). It even has a positive effect on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, and PTSD. Playing drums is a win-win, however you look at it.

Check out this awesome article containing all the reasons you should learn to play drums, and this blog post by a woman with ADHD who took up playing drums in her fifties, improved her brain function and alleviated her depression.