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“I don't know if I would really be considering [taking drum lessons] without your explicit encouragement. My mind and heart were blown open this weekend, and earlier today I knew that everything is possible, no matter how fixed things may seem. 

I work hard not to let fear and the comfort of the familiar keep me from creating new dreams and following them, and I have a pretty good record of getting where I want to be, but this feels big... bigger than drum lessons. My brain patterns were rearranged by more than practicing limb independence at the drum kit and on the bus and under the table at dinner. Meeting you changed me. I don't know yet how much it will show on the outside...but the change you catalyzed is a done deal.”  J.P.

"I've been taking drum lessons with JJ via Skype for almost two months now and LOVE IT! 

First, I absolutely love the convenience of the Skype Lessons. It's so easy to schedule and coordinate and is just as effective as an in person lesson- even more so since we can both access and share emails/files/videos/lesson plans so quickly! By just angling my laptop, she can see and hear everything I'm doing and is able to easily advise on technique. Plus, there's just somehow less pressure than having someone physically in the room with you, and I feel more comfortable to experiment, make mistakes, then learn. 

Second, aside from the tech aspect of it, JJ is an amazing teacher! She really tailors lessons to you as an individual based on your goals, skill level, schedule, tastes, and how you work best. She always has drills and lessons ready to go, but is completely adaptable when something different comes up that you might want/need to work on. Everything she teaches is incredibly practical and well thought out to ensure the best, most effective learning process possible. Plus, it's so fun! She sends recaps after every lesson, which is so helpful in keeping track of your progress and knowing what to work on moving forward. JJ is patient, enthusiastic, and everything you'd want in a drum teacher. When I hit a wall or am trying a challenging new technique that makes me think, "I will NEVER be able to get this!" JJ is always so helpful and encouraging and empowers me to realize I TOTALLY CAN, then I TOTALLY DO. 

I feel like I am flying in how quickly I've progressed in just a few weeks, and it's all thanks to JJ!!"

Maggie C.

"JJ is an outstanding teacher, drummer, and all around great person. Despite only taking a couple of lessons so far, I feel like I've learned so much, which is a testimony to her talent. I really appreciate JJ's teaching style-- structured yet flexible, honest but kind and genuine, and, most importantly, fun!"  Grace P.

"When I began my lessons, I was short on confidence (and long on questions). I quickly found that JJ is more than an instructor or coach. She is a patient and enthusiastic mentor and guide. Thanks to her, I found joy in drumming again, and the courage to explore other forms of percussion. I would recommend her without reservation!"   Laurie H.

"JJ is so RAD! Such a knowledgeable teacher, always sends lesson recaps and excercises to try between lessons. Never took lessons before and JJ made them so fun and helpful!" Edica E.

"Thanks for being the best teacher ever! Technically good, intuitively good, patient and positive. My family is so excited that I'm so excited! Thank you so much. Next week can't come soon enough!"  Laura E.

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"JJ is the BEST teacher. I'm new to drums but I've taken a lot of music lessons for guitar and I honestly feel like JJ is the most organized, thoughtful teacher I've ever had. A lot of teachers just wing it when they see you. And private music teachers see A LOT of students if that's their primary job so they can't remember what you did last week/where you are. And that's totally understandable - but with JJ, she can takes notes and provides simple to understand lesson plans so she knows exactly what you need to focus on in your lessons and you know what you need to focus on at home. Also, JJ is really a wonderful person. Sometimes you get teachers who use the opportunity as an ego boost ("I'm better than you - bow down, student!") and JJ doesn't do that at all. She's super cool and nice and I really can't say enough wonderful things about her :) For real, the best teacher. TAKE LESSONS FROM HER.

A note about Skype - I take lessons with her via Skype, which I think is really awesome. I know a lot of people are probably skeptical, but I think it ends up saving a lot of time (which is super important!) because I don't have to commute to see her or pay her extra to come to me. Also, if you're worried about wasting your lesson time with technical difficulties, JJ builds in extra time so if you have technical difficulties, she'll stay with you so you get a full lesson in. But honestly it's pretty quick to figure out so you probably won't end up spending all that much time on technical difficulties. Okay so yeah. Take lessons with her. Just do it. She's awesome." Jessie T.

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"JJ is a terrific teacher. In a year of Skype lessons, she has turned me into a drummer capable of playing with a band. Take lessons from her. You won't be sorry." Joey A.

"Hi JJ - Thanks for the awesome drum instruction, it was so helpful and supportive and I felt like I learned so much in such a short time!"  Leslie Z.

"I'm so happy to be able to tell people what a great drum instructor JJ is. JJ is an informed and experienced professional musician who is also full of fun. Her joy in playing music is unbounded and infectious, and her heart is totally open to anyone who wants to learn. You couldn't find a better musician, instructor, or person anywhere." Karen H.

"Hey, JJ. Had a drop a note to say THANK YOU for the inspiration and support at Ladies Rock Camp! You taught me to trust myself and to feel free to move with the music! It felt SO great! I also got past the mental limitation of never having had formal drum lessons. I predict instruction under your guidance in the near future. :)"  D. Patel

"You're an amazing teacher and all around kick-ass human being."  Jaime D.

"Even when I'm just watching you instruct, set up a PA, or (especially) when you are on a kit, you continue to teach and amaze me."  L.J.

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